Behind the brand


It has always been very important that the company’s values reflect her personal values. Transparency and integrity are important values of the company in all the steps leading to the final product. 


“When I created @dreamsofanastasia I wanted to combine ethical eco friendly clothing and inclusivity. I have to admit it‘s been a learning process. Inclusivity goes far beyond ‘different ethnicities’.   What makes YOU feel happy and comfortable in your skin is not necessarily the same for SOMEONE ELSE. In order to truly be confident and good in your skin it’s important to let go of the need to constantly judge others. The act of constantly judging and putting down others is a reflection of one’s own insecurities within. HOWEVER, I’m guilty of judging others and so are many people due to societal norms put in place and ingrained in us since childhood.


This is not an excuse but it’s a valid explanation of certain feelings of discomfort or judgment towards others when something is out of the 'norm' or 'different'.  What is most important here is to be able to acknowledge that you have judged or put people down and then SHIFT that behavior so that you can evolve for the better.  Dreams of Anastasia is about making people feel happy and confident rather than feeling like you aren’t worthy enough.

A lot of brands unintentionally have this effect on many people and it‘s not right. The industry standards need to change and this is why I will continue to push the boundaries, think outside the box and push myself as well as others outside of their comfort zone.  


I would like to continually thank those who have 'called me in' and helped me in expanding my vision of what is inclusive. It is good to know I am not alone, and at Dreams of Anastasia neither are you.” 


Anastasia Howard founded Dreams of Anastasia in 2020