Reinventing clothing & inclusivity experience


We are ethical

 Dreams of Anastasia strives to treat people fairly all the while offering high quality clothing 100% made in Montreal out of Bamboo fabrics


 We are constantly innovating and finding ways to diminish our carbon footprint without ever compromising the high-quality of our products

An inclusive brand

No more exclusion, our 

approach is set to allow all

to access their favorite

fashion collections


Sustainable Fashion Like You've Never Seen Before

 Just because a fabric is bamboo does not automatically mean that the manufacturer is properly disposing their fabric dyes nor that they are doing it ethically. This is why, we make sure all our fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified.




“It’s so refreshing to be able to model for a company that wants change and is actively bringing that in the industry! I believe in you and in your brand, you’re going places!”

Nick S


We are eco-friendly, ethical and size inclusive. We value transparency and honesty.

We create a positive impact on the world

Grounded collection: Taupe Tank Top

Made ethically with ♡ in Montréal